Homework (PREP)

At Northstowe Secondary College, we call our homework ‘PREP’. We want PREP activities to complement our curriculum and provide students with meaningful opportunities to build fluency in literacy and numeracy, to practise their skills and retrieval of knowledge, and to extend their knowledge and passion for the subject.  We believe that PREP plays a vital role in developing students’ learning, but we also recognise that having free time of evenings and weekends is equally important in supporting students’ mental health and well-being.

To find out more about it, listen to the recording of our parent forum from December 2021 outlining how it works at NSC.

We set PREP through an online platform called ‘Satchel One’ (formerly known as ‘Show My Homework’). ​

‘Satchel One’ also enables parents to view and monitor their child’s homework. This link takes you to some useful videos on getting started with ‘Satchel One’: Parent Video Guides​.

If students fail to complete PREP by the deadline their teachers set, or if they don’t complete their class work to a​high enough standard, they will be directed to attend an after-school PREP session and parents will be informed.​

Please see our ‘How To Guide’ on ‘Satchel One’ below:


An after-school PREP club runs every day from Monday to Thursday, 3:15 – 4.15pm in the library. ​

PREP  club is supervised by a member of staff and provides students with an excellent opportunity to get additional​ support when completing their homework.​